NEW! EYE MINI LITE by Uneekor brings you all the outstanding qualities you've come to expect, blending state-of-the-art technology with unmatched simplicity. With EYE MINI LITE, setup is as easy as connecting to a PC, and you're ready to enjoy a comprehensive practice and full golf simulation experience right out of the box.  Now everyone can afford quality ball and club metrics in their home.

Refine your game with precision with EYE MINI LITE. Turn every swing into actionable data, pinpointing the nuances of your technique with the accuracy you’ve come to expect from Uneekor. Unlock the potential of every drive, chip, and putt as you track and analyze your progress.

All the Data & accuracy

EYE Mini Lite has all the same features of the EYE Mini without an on device display or battery. Use it plugged into a power source and connected to a PC.



Portable, Powerful, Reliable

EYE MINI Measures

Ball Data

Ball Speed, Side & Back Spin, Side Angle, Side Distance, Launch Angle, Carry Distance

Club Data*

Club Speed, Attack Angle, Smash Factor, Club Path

*EYE MINI Club Stickers Required

With the ability to use at home or on the driving range, the EYE MINI is powerful, reliable, and sleek. Push the boundaries of your game with the EYE MINI.

Portable, Powerful, Reliable

EYE Mini Subscription Information *$USD